Fresco Logic

            FL2000 Mac Driver Beta Release

            FL2000 USB Video Driver for Macintosh
            Version 1.3 BETA  Download

            1. Supported OS versions:

            • High Sierra (10.14.2-latest)
            • High Sierra (10.13.4-10.14.1) Clone Mode Only
            • High Sierra (10.13-10.13.3)
            • Sierra (10.12)
            • El Capitan (10.11) No Mirror Mode 

            2. Installation Instructions:

            If the disk image file downloads with an .html extension, rename the file to remove ".html" from the file name.  The file name should end in ".dmg"

            To install the driver, open disk image and double-click on "Fresco Logic FL2000 Driver.pkg".

            3. Display Modes Explained:

            Extended Mode

            Each connected monitor displays a different section of the desktop.  The mouse can move between monitors.

            Mirror Mode

            All monitors display the entire desktop.  The maximum resolution is limited to the lowest resolution monitor attached to the system.

            Clone Mode

            All monitors display the entire desktop.  Resolution is set by the native display and image on other displays may be shrunken or scaled to fit.

            4. Beta Release

            This in the initial public beta release of support for Mac.  Please help us improve the driver by providing constructive feedback.
            You can help by including a screen shot of the "About This Mac" screen with any feedback you provide.  Along with as much detail as possible about the issue you are having including steps to reproduce the issue.

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